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2023 Iditarod » Mushers » Gregg Vitello

Gregg Vitello

Hometown: Milan, NH


I began mushing about 25 years ago and was drawn to the idea of spending time with my dogs in the wilderness, along with my wife and family. My youngest son Bailey took to mushing the most and together we built a racing dog team, learning as much as we could from other mushers’ books and advice along the way. After realizing this was my son’s natural given gift I took a few years off from running to help support his team and training. Being back on the sled again these past few years building my own team with my now adult son has been one of the most gratifying things I have experienced in my life.

My current team is full of goofy and happy-go-lucky Alaskan Huskies who are more than excited to take on any trail ahead of them. They range in age from 3-7 and about 50% of the team has some range of experience on the Iditarod trail which will be very helpful when the going gets tough. I am looking forward to experiencing the Iditarod trail not only with my dogs but with my son and finally being able to accomplish this long time dream.