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2024 Iditarod » Mushers » Eddie Burke, Jr.

Eddie Burke, Jr.

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska


Eddie is a born and raised Alaskan and began his racing career in 2021. Since then his career highlights include winning the 2023 Knik 200, 3rd place finishes at the Kusko 300 and Kobuk 440. Off the trail, Eddie enjoys spending time with his daughter Emilia and family. He would like to thank the people that make this all possible, his sponsors Matthew and Marc McKenna, Nick and Ashley Hill with Alaska Sealcoating, his family, Doss Daley and Lucas Anzilotti.


McKenna Bros. paving
Alaska Sealcoating
Northern Air Cargo
Western Enterprise
Terrin Korman – Wolf Real Estate
Rodger Briley
Nothing But Driveways
LVSH Studio
Dog Sponsors
Terrin Korman – Wolf Real Estate
David Hale