Update from The Iditarod Trail Committee on the search for Leon

The Iditarod continues to track any leads regarding the location of Leon, though unfortunately there have not been any tracks sited in over a week in the previous areas between Nikolai and Salmon River, which is on the trail to Rohn. With food and game cameras set out on the week of April 9th by the McGrath cutoff (approximately 11 miles out of Nikolai), there have been no sightings on the game cameras or new dog tracks seen in the area. The Iditarod is providing updates to musher Sebastien Dos Santos Borges as they arise and we continue to be in touch with community members who are still aiding in the search. Anyone along the Iditarod Trail is encouraged to spread the word to help with the search for Leon. Information can be submitted to FindLeon@Iditarod.com.