Bid! Win! Ride! The IditaRider Auction is Open!

DSC_5754-7DSC_5824-6Bid to win a ride at the start of the Iditarod on Saturday, March 4.  Winning bidders will have the best seat at the start of the race.

That seat is in the basket of the musher’s sled!




Visit the auction site and place a bid on the musher of your choice.

Bid!  Win!  Ride!!!

What is the IditaRider Program?

The IditaRider auction is one of Iditarod’s major fund raisers.  Winning bidders receive an 11 mile ride with ‘their’ musher at the start of the Iditarod, March 4, in Downtown Anchorage.

It is easy to get involved in the bidding!  If you haven’t already registered to bid, visit the Auction site and register. Log in to the auction site.

(Your log in is NOT the same log in as your Insider Account.)

Once the mushers sleds are ready for the auction, you will be able to  Click on the the musher’s name to view the online bio.   Read about the mushers and pick your favorite.  Start bidding.  Visit the site often so you can keep an eye on the bidding!

Bid!  Win!  Ride!

  • Bidding is open from December 1 to January 20 .

  • If you want a ride but don’t want to be in on the bidding, you can use the buy it now option to purchase the ride. Buy it now price: $7500.

Who Are the IditaRiders?

IditaRiders are race fans just like you!

Meet the 2016 IditaRiders at this website link!

Meet the 2015 IditaRiders at this website link!

Meet the 2014 IditaRiders at this website link!


Calendar of Events for the2017 IditaRider Program

December 1:  The 2017 Auction Opens for Bidding 

Friday, January 20: The Auction Closes 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

  • Musher – IditaRider Meet and Greet.  Pizza Luncheon 12:00 PM, Lakefront Anchorage (Previously the Millennium) 3rd Floor – IditaRiders are invited to meet their musher!  Each rider may bring one guest to this event.

  • Musher Drawing Banquet, 6:00 PM, Dena’ina Center, Downtown Anchorage

Friday, March 3:  Mandatory IditaRider Meeting:  3:00 PM, 3rd Floor Lakefront, Anchorage 

Saturday, March 4:  Iditarod Starts at 10:00 AM 

Sunday, March 5:  Iditarod Restarts 2:00 PM, Willow *Shuttle tickets for a ride to Willow will be sold at the Lakefront.  Contact for details.

*Winning bidder receives a one person sled ride at the start of the race.  Each sled that leaves the starting line will have one IditaRider.  Several sleds will be pulled from the auction and reserved for sponsor agreements and used as a reserve sled in the event a ‘sold’ musher’s sled is withdrawn from the Iditarod prior to the race start.

Release forms to be signed by IditaRiders and returned to Iditarod prior to the ride:  Please print and return.

Coming soon: Participant Release Form and Publicity and Promotional Release

 Questions –  contact or call 605.290.3423

 *All sled purchases must be finalized prior to the ride.  Only one IditaRider per sled.