Iditarod EDU’s “Top Ten”


You can learn a lot from a sled dog!  The Iditarod embodies an education department that reaches worldwide. Read on to learn more about the Iditarod EDU and some of its many and varied applications.

You can contact Jane Holmes, Director of Education, about these programs or with any questions. Email



Teacher on the Trail

A professional development program like no other!  After a rigorous application and interview process, one teacher each year is selected to represent the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.  Learn more here:  Iditarod Teacher on the Trail



Jim Deprez, 2021 Teacher on the Trail with Cool Cat


IditaRead Digital

Every reader jumps on a sled and works their way down the Iditarod Trail by completing educator assigned tasks. Each reader gets their own sled dog icon that actually moves down the race route map. Check it out and sign up here: IditaRead Digital.



EDU is rolling out an Iditarod Certified Educator program. Completion of this program gives educators an Iditarod endorsement. If you want more information, go here: I.C.E. Interest Form



Educators leave Iditarod conferences with a plethora of materials, experiences, and connections. Traditionally one conference is held race week prior to the start of the Iditarod and there is one summer conference experience. Watch for more information on


Website resources –  

From preschool through college age learners, the Iditarod EDU has amassed resources and lesson plans for all ages and subject areas. At this site  you can find our K9 reporters articles and check out the Recommended Reading Lists.


Zuma’s K9 Journalists

Our crack team of 4-legged journalists will keep students of all ages informed and entertained.  Read their articles here:  Zuma’s K9 Journalists



Monthly Newsletter

Each month Iditarod EDU publishes a newsletter full of resources and ready to use activities. Get this directly in your inbox so you don’t miss an issue:  “Mush On!”


Trail Mail

honoring an original use of the Iditarod National Historic Trail to deliver freight and mail, classes can have a piece of mail delivered by an Iditarod musher racing from Anchorage to Nome. Take a look at last year’s project here: Trail Mail


Traveling Quilt

We are very happy to have the traveling quilt project back in action. Read about the last quilt journey here: Iditarod Traveling Quilt and look for a new sign-up announcement soon.



Iditarod: The First Ten Years

Written by the Old Iditarod Gang, the Iditarod EDU is partnering in their goal to get this book into the hands of schools and teachers everywhere! To that end, lesson plans will accompany any book purchased by an educator. Educators receive a special discount rate by ordering through Iditarod Education Director, Jane Holmes. Email