Iditarod 2015 Musher Meeting: Winter wonderland in Unalakleet

Thursday before the Iditarod start means ” Meeting time “. All mushers are assembled in the conference room of long time Iditarod Sponsor and official race head quarters THE MILLENIUM HOTEL .  The mushers get to listen to Head Veterinarian Stu Nelson speaking, Race Marshal Mark Nordman and countless other race officials. And they also get to listen to a trail report. Mark Nordman sure had some good news this morning, after receiving and email from Mr Eriksson in Unalakleet : ” IT IS WINTER WONDERLAND UP HERE ” this morning. THAT is good news. The western arctic has been plagued by exceptional warm weather and low snow. Fresh snow and colder temperatures bring much needed better conditions along the Iditarod Trail for the last quarter of the race.

Over lunch the mushers and their Idita Riders get to mingle for the first time. Riders who have already arrived in Anchorage get a chance to sit down with their chosen star. Headquarters is bristling with activities. Enjoy a few photos:

Happy trails.



In these boxes is the communications equipment for each checkpoint


Race bib time!


Mushers intently listening


Law and order. The 2015 Race Judges. A great crew


Mushers love paperwork.


Thirsty dog!


Alaska Brewery


The 2015 Iditarod Mushers.