march 8 Ruby 10:43PM Five mushers now in Ruby

:March 8 Ruby 10:43PM Five mushers now in Ruby

Joe Runyan


Five lead mushers into Ruby including Wade Marrs, Dallas Seavey, Mitch Seavey, Nicolas Petit, and JOar Ulsom.

Here’s a late night round up.  Wade Marrs, pleased with team performance. has decided to declare a 24 and appears resolved to follow through on it.  You can watch our Insider commentary video in which Bruce and I discuss the options.  Basically I have always believed it to be beneficial to continue deep into the race to declare a 24 hour, but of course its all situational.  But, of course, Wade knows his dogs and is the best  decision maker.  Looks like he will stay for a 24 hour mandatory.

Dallas Seavey also declared his 24 hour break.  He carried dogs into the checkpoint in his innovative sled and may actually decide to reduce the team to 14.  

Mitch Seavey, it seems to me, is quite pleased with his team and  the training that kept his team at a slow methodical trot.  “Fiirst things first” as he exits from the community hall with a container of water,  He indicates he is staying for a rest and continuing in direction Galena.

mitch seavey’s team neatly organized on hay

open doors of the dog kennel of mitch seavey

Nicolas Petit was busy feeding his dogs big bowls of ration mixed in hot water.  He maintains that all 16 dogs will remain in harness, and particulalry after learning that temperatures are forecast to rise, told me he will depart for Huslia or beyond before taking a 24 hour break.

nicolas petit feeding his dogs in ruby

Joar Ulsom, also attending to his dogs, is characteristically LOATHE to discuss his game plan.   Conclusion, after a few circular answers from Joar, I think he is hitting the trail without a mandatory break.


Mushers sleep in the Community Hall or in the alternate, two big ARctic Oven tents with heaters.  Current temp is -13