Message from Jeff King

When passing the mushers it’s always a gamble how close I dare to go to them. Having the wide angle camera this morning, I had to be close to the trail. It’s pretty windy out and over the noise of the machine it’s hard to talk to the mushers. Jeff King said something, but I could not make it out.


Got my shots and went back on my way, decided to take another angle and shoot again. Jeff asked while going by: ” Did you hear what I said “?” I did not , so set up for another shot.


” Sebastian I am going to stop for a while, please relay to the checkpoint that all is well, it’s just that the team lost its magic . Tell them everything is o.k. “. Told him I got it. Jeff had been passed by both Aaron Burmeister and Dallas Seavey. That is hard on a musher, being passed on the go, specially being in the lead. His dogs seemed to clip right along, then again, I only see them for a few split moments. So now, if you see his tracker stopping you know the reason. 

Notably Jeff King has been running 3 lead dogs. I like to do that in training, but usually have not done it in racing.The black dog in the middle is a female called Skeeter. She is pretty short coated. Maybe he does it, to prevent her from getting frostbite, as it is windy out, and at times that wind is a strong side wind.



 ENJOY the Jeff King shots: