Pete Kaiser out of White Mountain in 1st place with 8 dogs

And he is off! Pete left White Mountain with the same 8 dogs he arrived with. We were joking about putting booties on one last time. I asked him, if he packed any extra runner plastic. He did not. Normally leaving White Mountain that is a good idea, as in the blow holes around after the Topkok Hills the trail can be blown bare. This. year, there is supposed to be plenty of snow. Right now it is completely calm here in White Mountain. A group of villages came down to see Peter Kaiser off, singing to him for good luck. Look for that in the insider, I won’t be able to embed that here with my internet connection.

Go Pete go! Nome Bound! I can all of Bethel, never mind make the the whole Kuskokwim Delta cheer him on! Pete was very reflective of all the work he has put into getting to this point over the last decade! Pete has won the Kuskokwim 300 4 times! Will he add his 1st Iditarod Championship to his resume? By about 3 a.m. we should know.

Pete Kaiser leaving White Mountain

One of Joar’s dogs. Snooze time will be over soon

napping a little longer

Good luck song for Pete Kaiser

Wishing Pete good luck

Putting on booties one last time

Pete Kaiser interview for the Insider Crew