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Nils Hahn

Hometown: Eislingen, Germany

There are no records for this musher during the 2000 race.


Nils Hahn was born in Germany on 3-28-71. For the last 10 years, he has worked in the family business as a construction equipment dealer. He came to Alaska in 1998 planning to run the Iditarod, which he says has always been his dream. When in Alaska he lives in Nome. ”I will be running dogs belonging to me and my kennel partner Ray Lang. We put our dogs together, raise pups together, race together… Kind of like Sorlie and Backen.”

Nils has run the Iditarod three times since 2000. His highest finish was 22nd in 2001. He has also participated in the Kobuk 440 (Fourth in 1999 and sixth in 2003), the Kusko 300 four times, and the Nome to Council 200 winning in 2000 and 2003 and finishing second in 2002.

Nils is married to Diane Haecker, a journalist and they are expecting their first baby in April. He is a member of the Nome Kennel Club and the Swabin Sled Dog Club. His hobbies are dogs, wilderness, running, skiing, climbing and reading. In the summer time, Nils likes to take 10 or 12 dogs out for a run next to his mountain bike. “Every pond we see, we’ll go for a little swim, “ say Nils.