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Jeff Holt

Bib Number: 65
Hometown: North Pole, Alaska


Mushing has become a lifestyle for Jeff and his family.  Anyone with a team of sled dogs knows the work involved.  Some 9 or 10 years ago the Holt family began mushing when a close friend needed to wean some pups off their mother prematurely.  The adventures have been numerous since that day when the Holt children brought home those 5 rag tag puppies.  The kennel today consists of 35 well bred, athletic dogs.  Maintaining Northern Dogs & Dreams kennel is a family endeavor, primarily centered around the Holt children.  Jeff and his wife Gaynel have 7 children, ages 14 to 24 (JeNel 24, Danielle 22, Kasey 21, Amy 20, Baillee 20, Jeff Jr. 15, and Taylar 14).  Responsibility, dedication, and commitment are just a few of the important lessons the Holt's feel the kennel has helped teach their children.  Getting to the 2009 Iditarod starting line will once again be a family endeavor, especially for Jeff, Jeff Jr. and Taylar. Jeff, 48, was born in Idaho and farmed in southeastern Idaho until moving to Alaska in 2001 to teach in North Pole. He is currently a refinery operator. He says his hobbies are the outdoors and family.


The Holt Kids (JeNel, Dani, Kasey, Jeff, Taylar
Eco Water/Arctic Spas
Arctic Fire & Safety
Dr. Tamara Rose
Keith Larsen (BYU - Idaho Outdoor Rec. Program)
Harvey Williams
Taco King

Frontier Flying
Big State Logistics
Fairbanks Pumping & Thawing
Ben Lomond Construction
A.C. Woolnaugh
Bruce Hanson

2007 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Anchorage 3/03 12:20:00 12
Campbell Airstrip (BLM) 3/03 13:21:00 12 1h 1m
Willow 3/04 16:06:00 16 59
Yentna (YENT-na) 3/04 19:52:00 16 3/04 23:21:00 16 3h 29m 3h 46m 11.95 45
Skwentna 3/05 02:40:00 16 3/05 10:00:00 15 7h 20m 3h 19m 10.25 34
Finger Lake 3/05 17:03:00 7h 3m 6.38 Scratched 45