January 18, 2018

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2018 Iditarod » Mushers » Tim Muto

Tim Muto

Hometown: Willow, Alaska


Tim Muto, 28, was born and raised in Illinois. He attended Western Illinois University where he studied Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration. While still living in Illinois, Tim guided sea kayak trips on Lake Superior. He moved to Alaska in 2013 to handle for Iditarod veteran Karin Hendrickson and later handled for Brent Sass. He says, “Karin and Brent infected me with ‘the bug’.” He ran his qualifying races in 2016. Tim says, “One of the greatest moments in life is upon me. I have spent the last four years exploring the remote Alaskan wilderness by dog team, daydreaming daily about making it to the big race. My team includes my six dogs, which I acquired from Wild & Free Mushing and 10 Wild & Free super stars. We are entering the Iditarod to live intentionally and to squeeze the marrow out of life and to travel 1000 miles across Alaska. We will strive for a healthy and happy dog team to reach Nome. Tim lists his interests as “volunteerism, reading, Permaculture and Go-Getting.”


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