January 18, 2018

Musher Details

2018 Iditarod » Mushers » Anna Berington

Anna Berington

Hometown: Knik, Alaska


Anna Berington, 34, has been loving life in Alaska since 2007 with her sister racing sled dogs, commercial fishing, building and constructing homes and competing in running races. With her sister, they are Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing. Being able to raise and train dogs together has been a dream come true, and racing the Iditarod is a perfect fit for these endurance racers. These dreams have been made possible because of help and support from friends, family and sponsors. The twins have come a long way from mushing their pet dog in Wisconsin to giving tourists rides in the Sierra Nevadas, to training with former champion Dean Osmar, and many mushing friends like Scott Janssen here in Alaska. Now dog mushing is a family affair with visits and help from Mom, Dad, and sister Kat, and of course their fur children, 30 amazing dogs!


Polar Asset Management Partners, Toronto, ONT, CANADA
Northern Edge Physical Therapy
Alaska Trauma and Acute Care
GBA Corona
ECR International, Boiler Mag
Janssen Funeral Homes
Seafur Sewing
Dr. Carson's All Natural Products

Non-Stop Dogwear
Team Redington
Dean Osmar
Captain Tom Bathey
Kat Berington
Kay Polk
Ann Cox
Michael/Katie Montano
Many friends and Family.