January 18, 2018

Musher Details

2018 Iditarod » Mushers » Mats Pettersson

Mats Pettersson

Hometown: Kiruna, SWEDEN


Mats Pettersson, 47, was born and raised in Kiruna, Sweden. He has been mushing for the last 26 years and has run all the longest races in Scandinavia, including the Finnmarksløpet in Norway five times. He is the Swedish champion in long distance mushing. He has been in the tourism business in Sweden 35 years and currently runs a tourism business just 20 km away from the world famous Ice Hotel in Sweden, Kiruna Sleddog Tours. This will be his fifth Iditarod. He says he has a passion for wildlife and meeting passionate dog people from all over the world. He loves spending time with his family and being involved in his children’s sports. He and his wife, Charlotta, are the parents of Linnea, Clara, Tilda, and Zeb, 7 and Freja, 3. He is a member of Kiruna Slädhundsklubb and says he is very interested in Alaska Husky bloodlines and breedings and has an operation in northern Sweden for this. He’s also been a “half professional” ice hockey player as a goalie.


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