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Bridgett Watkins

Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska


Bridgett Watkins was born in Arkansas and moved to Alaska at age five when she got her first sled dog. Her passion and love of the sport began at an early age while competing in sprint mushing throughout her childhood across the great state of Alaska and Canada. She was introduced to mid and long-distance mushing by some of the greatest mushers ever, her father and step-mom; Allen Moore and Aliy Zirkle. She took a break from mushing to receive her nursing degree, marry her high school sweetheart Scotty, and raise a family of two lively boys, Timber and River. Her passion for the sport was more ignited after living in Nome for six years and being immersed in the history and culture of Western Alaska. After helping her family race for many years, her dream came true when she started her kennel in 2018, Kennel on a Hill. She has been raising and training her team in preparation to run ‘The Last Great Race’. Bridgett continues to work as an Emergency Room Nurse, enjoys everything about the outdoors and is working toward her Master’s in Nursing.

Although she knows she will miss her kiddos while out on the trail, there will be no greater pleasure than seeing them under the burled arch watching their mama accomplish her childhood dreams.


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