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Kristy Berington, 38, operates Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing with her twin sister Anna, and her husband, Andy Pohl in Knik, Alaska. Mushing dogs has become part of family life. Andy races and trains the dogs, Kat Berington manages their website, Vicki Pohl sews harnesses and dog coats, Ray Pohl runs trail support, and the entire family supports and sponsors from the sideline all the way from Wisconsin to South Carolina. This is Kristy’s 14th running of the Iditarod. She moved to Alaska 14 years ago to learn more about mushing from 1984 Iditarod Champion Dean Osmar in Kasilof. Since then she has raced all over Alaska and into Canada competing in the Yukon Quest, Kusko 300 and Copper Basin 300, just to name a few. “I love endurance sports and adventure!” says the ultra-athlete. “What better way to combine those two factors than running sled dogs in the most beautiful place in the world.” Never sitting still, in the off season Kristy competes in many running races from half marathons to ultra-distances and triathlons with Anna. “Anna and I are always in friendly competition. I’m so proud of her in her mushing and athletic career. And to be a part of it all with her is amazing.” Kristy and Anna pay the bills by doing carpentry work and landscaping. “Thank you to the many fans, friends, family, volunteers and sponsors for making all of this possible. We couldn’t do this without you!” “I’m looking forward to running another Iditarod with my incredible canine athletes! Best of luck to all the mushers and their amazing dogs.” Kristy lists her hobbies as running, cycling, hiking, keeping up with her husband and canicross.

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