The Nomad Restoration: historic Joe Redington Sr. boat standing the tests of time

Joe Redington’s boat The Nomad, photo by Lisa Redington.


The Nomad was built in the early 1950’s by Bob Matheson and his brother. It was built specially for the Turnagain Arm because of the rough waters. Bob and his brother used it for several years before selling it to Joe and Violet Redington Sr. Joe needed a fishing boat and the Nomad originally came with a cabin, so Joe remodeled it by tearing off the cabin which contained cots and a galley, and built a hold for fish. Joe and Violet used it for commercial fishing and hauling supplies from Anchorage to their homestead at Flathorn Lake. They would anchor it on the Knik Flats because it was a convenient place to anchor while they were in Knik. In 1967 they brought it to the pond at high tide and dry docked it and it has set there ever since. It has become a popular landmark for Knik, not to mention one of the most photographed places in South Central Alaska.


The Nomad sits in the Knik Flats at about Mile 13 Knik-Goose Bay Rd in Wasilla. Lisa Redington, granddaughter of Joe Redington Sr, realized many would like to see the Nomad restored and last another 20+ years. Lisa and good friend Mike Mahoney, who is leading the restoration work, got together to make that happen. The group will be restoring the historic boat throughout the winter and they hope to finish it by end of summer 2021.


If you would like to learn more or follow the restoration, those interested can join the dedicated Facebook group at The Nomad Restoration. Also, check out their GoFundMe here.