Curriculum for the Classroom

Service Learning Opportunity–Blankets for Dogs

by Martha Dobson, Iditarod Educational Consultant Read this to find out about making blankets for the Iditarod race checkpoints to use for dogs staying there who have been dropped from their teams. Students can apply a host of educational skills while working on this project.

Book Review–Foxy’s Tale: The True Story of A Champion Alaskan Sled Dog

An elementary level, true story of an Alaskan sled dog who overcomes size, injury, and more to win the Junior World Championship Sled Dog Race. The author is available for Skype presentations, too. Read more here.  

Book Review–Ghosts in the Fog: The Untold Story of Alaska’s WWII Invasion

A recent, narrative nonfiction account for middle school age and older, through adults, about a part of WWII kept secret for decades. Find out more here. 

Reader’s Theater Play: Rules of the Iditarod

A Reader’s Theater Play is a fun way for students to practice dramatic reading.  This play, created by Jennifer Slifer, Connecticut,  has been used with middle school students but can also be used with elementary students.  Teachers can adapt this script to the appropriate reading level.   PDF COPY to download  Reader’s Theater Play: Rules …

How Does It Start?

Martha Dobson, Iditarod Educational Consultant How does it start? This dream of running sled dogs, running teams in long distance races. Is it in your family, like the Mackeys, or in your culture, like John Baker, Paul Johnson? Did you move north and fall in love with the land, the dogs, their abilities? Or, did …


Each year hundreds of schools around the world are involved in I Kid A Rod projects that are designed by teachers as culmination projects in an Iditarod teaching unit. An I Kid A Rod is a simulated Iditarod that has been adapted to a school and local community.  Students take on the roles of mushers, …

I Kid A Rod Project Samples

Ohio Mock Iditarod: I Kid A Rod   Our fourth grade students participated in a Mock Iditarod Race this past spring. Prior to this, the students spent several weeks learning about and tracking the Iditarod Dog Sled Trail Race held in Alaska. Students were divided into six teams of 11 or 12 members. Each team had …

Idita-Math: Measurement of an Iditarod Sled Dog

Measuring an Iditarod Sled Dog Measurement – Using non-standard and standard measurements for length, volume, weight, and time, using customary and metric units (Appropriate, with adaptations, for Kindergarten through 5th grade) Click to view the PDF Lesson Plan Deanna Blazejewski Special Education Teacher Mount Iliamna Elementary Anchorage School District Original Posting Date:  May 27, 2009

Recommended Reading Lists

Are you looking for a book to use with your Iditarod unit of study?  You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of books to help you. In an effort provide you with useful resources that have been carefully vetted, we have limited our book list to books about Iditarod, the sport of …

Ikidarod Math! Racing Sleds in South Dakota

My name is Andy Johnson and I am teacher in Brandon, SD.  We have followed the Iditarod since I have been in Brandon and have been Iditarod Insider members the last several years. We have created our own version of the Ikidarod that we have done since 2007 in which the students actually form teams …