Eye on the Trail: Recipients of 2024 Special Awards

Alaska Air Transit Spirit of Iditarod Award – Mille Porsild Beaver fur musher’s mitts with beadwork on moose hide (handmade by Loretta Maillelle), a beaver fur hat (handmade by Oline Petruska) as well as a Pendelton wool blanket from Alaska Air Transit is presented to the first musher who reaches the Nikolai checkpoint.   GCI …

Eye on the Trail: Awards – The Rest of the Story

Between the Musher Banquet in Anchorage where start order was determined and the Finisher’s Banquet in Nome where stories were shared and mushers were honored, many miles have passed under the sled runners.  While the line on the map is the same for every musher, the journey is entirely unique.  It was one of the …

Eye on the Trail: Siri Pics – Jason, Bailey, Gabe, Jessica & Mats

  Siri Raitto has shared photos of Jason Mackey, Bailey Vitello, Gabe Dunham, Jessica Klejka and Mats Pettersson arriving at the famed Burled Arch in Nome.  What do you notice in each of these images?  More of Siri’s images are available in the Iditarod Photo Gallery.  Enjoy these photos.    

Eye on the Trail: Siri Pics – Anna, Will, Lara & Anna

  Siri Raitto has been extremely busy capturing pictures of the race as the teams progressed from Anchorage to Nome.   Siri’s photos capture the personalities of the dogs.  Two of Anna’s team dogs have an eye on Siri. Siri’s images show the immense landscape mushers have experienced. Siri’s photos capture the emotions of the …

Eye on the Trail: Nome Traditions

The Widow’s Lamp, Red Lantern and Burled Arch are symbols of great significance seen every year in Nome. What’s the historical significance, what do they symbolize and how did these icons come to be?  With all the mushers off the trail and awaiting the Sunday afternoon Finisher’s Banquet, it’s a perfect time to find out. …

Eye on the Trail: Final Five

Benjamin Good’s first dog powered experience,  skijoring with a couple of Aaron Burmeister’s dogs, resulted in cold feet.  He solved that issue by getting a couple more dogs and a sled so he could where warmer boots.  Good said at the arch early this morning, “While doing dogs and racing, it dawned on me that …

Eye on the Trail: More Siri Pics of Finishers

  Enjoy these Siri Pics of the 11th – 15th Place Finishers at the Burled Arch on Front Street in Nome. What do you notice in each of the photos?    

Eye on the Trail: Siri Pics of Some Top Ten Finishers

Apologies for listing Travis Beals in fourth place yesterday in a Siri Pics post.  Jeff Deeter was fourth to the burled arch. Paige Drobny earned fifth place.  Travis Beals claimed sixth place.  Should pictures of Jeff and Paige at the finish line become available, I will share them.  

Eye on the Trail: Top Three – Siri Pics

  Photographer Siri Raitto captured some stunning shots of the top three teams into Nome.  Enjoy!  

Eye on the Trail: Anna, Will, Lara & Anna

Since 2012 we’ve been seeing double on the trail.  Kristy and Anna Berington have conquered the Iditarod Trail together.  Kristy ran without  Anna in 2010 and 2011 and now Anna ran without Kristy in 2024.  It was a decision the twins made – it would be easier to write a check for only one entry …