A Legend in White Mountain

4 Time Champion Lance Mackey came into White Mountain this afternoon under sunny skies. 10 years ago he was here in 1st position and I was chasing him down in 2nd place. Well actually not chasing him down, just trying to hang on to my seat and not be reeled in by John Baker. 

Lance is happy with his 28th place. The weather has been cooperative for his cold sensitive hands. He is still driving a large team of 12 dogs and they are a happy bunch. He is calling his trip the snooze cruise!

The checkpoint is quite right now with only 2 teams resting here. The other team keeping Lance company is Jessie Holmes. He said to leave around midnight, so he can have a nice daytime finish. 

We are well aware of Sarah Stokey taking a long time from Elim to White Mountain. She has been checked on, has plenty of heat and dog food and is currently resting at the bottom of Golovin Bay at a shelter cabin. We have checked 28 Teams in here and 13 are still en route with the back of the pack sitting in Shaktoolik. Martin Apayauq Reitan will be the next team reaching Sarah and Martin carries an inreach device and could send us an update if needed. 

Here a few shots:

Lance all smiles in White Mountain

Lance hooking down his team

In pulls the 4 time Champ

Lance driving his team to his parking spot

Lance Mackey in White Mountain