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Lachlan Clarke

Bib Number: 56
Hometown: Buena Vista, CO


Lachlan Clarke, 58, was born and raised in Derby, New York. He graduated from Principia College in Illinois in 1979 with a B.A. in History and Business Administration. In 1989, he moved to Colorado to work on ranches with horses, people, and cattle. He has been a horse trainer for 25 years. He began mushing in 2001. Lachlan and Linda are the parents of two adult daughters, Jennifer, 33, and Leigh Ann, 38. He says he enjoys horse sports, cattle work, sorting, cutting, polo Crosse, mounted shooting and starting and training colts. Lachlan is a member of the AQHA, APA, CMSA and the ITC.


Mack & Susan Strickland, CA
K’s Dairy Delight, CA
The Trailhead, CO
Foresight Media/John & Allison Albdenour, CO
Colorado Cross Roads Bed & Breakfast, CO
Duncan & Patti Clarke, CO
Vanquist & Bill Swan, MO
Marylou Ponder, TX
Larry & Susan Olsen, MT
Steve & Laurie Holser, OR
Beth Bieck, NY

Bruce & Cami Jamieson, SD
United Railroad Materials, Inc., CO
Dave Wurts & T.C. Wait, CO
J.J. Swan, CA
Dan MacEachen/Krabloonik Kennels, CO
Stephen Drake, AZ
Deb Eastwood, CO
Gina Lindquist, CO
The Lewis Family, CO
Adventure Unlimited Ranches, CO
Chip & Judy Wait, CO

2007 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Anchorage 3/03 12:01:00 12
Campbell Airstrip (BLM) 3/03 13:09:00 12 1h 8m
Willow 3/04 15:48:00 16 59
Yentna (YENT-na) 3/04 19:37:00 16 3/04 23:11:00 16 3h 34m 3h 49m 11.79 45
Skwentna 3/05 02:20:00 16 3/05 08:10:00 16 5h 50m 3h 9m 10.79 34
Finger Lake 3/05 13:45:00 16 3/05 19:15:00 16 5h 30m 5h 35m 8.06 45
Rainy Pass 3/05 23:18:00 16 4h 3m 7.41 Scratched 30