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Kim Franklin

Bib Number: 79
Hometown: Herts, UK


Kim Franklin, 49, was born and raised in Essex, UK. She began musher in the early 90’s and became interested in running the Iditarod when she was running her Malamutes in the UK and then following the 2002 and 2006 Iditarods. She now lives in Hertfordshire, a more rural area, where they are closer to her partner’s, Ian Payne’s, work. She has been a property landlord since 2007 and says she left school at 16 to work in the family business. She is a member of Racehorse Owners Association and British Eventing, and says her hobbies are horseracing, horse riding, travel, skiing, fine dining and reading. Kim wishes to thank Dean and My Dzung Osmar for allowing her to run their dogs, Janice Penman for her support in the UK, and too many mushers to name who have been kind enough to offer advice, help and support.


Laurel Pub Company, UK
Ian Payne, UK
I.P. Consulting LTD, UK
Jimmy from Double H Custom Hat Co, MT

2008 Standings

Checkpoint Time In Dogs In Time Out Dogs Out Rest Time Previous Layover Status Distance
Enroute Time Speed (mph) 8hr 24hr
Anchorage 3/01 12:51:00 12
Willow 3/02 16:34:00 16
Yentna 3/02 20:44:00 16 3/03 06:15:00 16 9h 31m 4h 10m 10.08 42
Skwentna 3/03 09:30:00 16 3/03 15:17:00 16 5h 47m 3h 15m 10.46 34
Finger Lake 3/03 20:40:00 16 3/04 06:21:00 16 9h 41m 5h 23m 8.36 45
Rainy Pass 3/04 12:35:00 16 3/04 19:04:00 15 6h 29m 6h 14m 4.81 30
Rohn 3/05 02:12:00 7h 8m 6.73 withdrawn 48