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Jeremy Keller

Hometown: Knik, Alaska


Jeremy Keller, age 48, ran the 2007 Iditarod and then focused on farming and raising a family with his lovely wife, Alison. Their older son, Bjorn, is fourteen and running this years’ Junior Iditarod. Their younger son, Liam, (nine) is keeping everyone laughing! “The boys” are all three training together this winter and documenting the entire process on Jeremy’s website. Jeremy was born in Iowa, but lived all over the United States growing up. He attended college briefly in Madison, Wisconsin, before coming to his senses and running to Alaska to chase adventure! He found it and then some. He and Alison met in McCarthy, Alaska and lived in those remote mountains for twenty years before moving back to Jeremy’s old home in Knik where he first learned the craft of running dogs. A brilliant caricature of Jeremy can be viewed on Discovery Channels’ “The Edge of Alaska”!