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Nils Hahn

Hometown: Nome, Alaska, US


Nils Hahn was born in Germany on 3-28-71. 25 years ago, he came to Alaska to run sled dogs and the Iditarod. Today together with his wife Diana he is the Owner/Publisher of the historic Nome Nugget Newspaper as well as Mushing Magazine in Nome, Alaska.

Nils has run the Iditarod four times since 2000. His highest finish was 22nd in 2001. He has also participated in the Kobuk 440, the Kusko 300, and the Nome to Council 200 winning in 2000 and 2003 and finishing second in 2002. has has also run in the Fur Rondy, and Arctic Circle Championships and the Portside 200.

Nils is married to Diana Haecker, who happens to be the Editor of the Nome Nugget. Together they have a 15-year-old daughter, named Lizzy.

Nils is a member of the Nome Kennel Club. His hobbies are dogs, wilderness, running, skiing, climbing, and reading.