Hal Hanson spoke with Liz Raines before making the final run to the finish.

March 17, 2021 9:55 am

Martin Buser, 4-time Iditarod champion, returns to Deshka in his 37th consecutive Iditarod finish and talks about his health scare on the trail, which kept him delayed for about 4 hours in Ophir.

March 17, 2021 3:53 am

Matt Hall finished the 2021 Iditarod in 26th place early Wednesday morning.

March 17, 2021 3:41 am

Veteran Musher Travis Beals finished the 2021 Iditarod in 25th place.  

March 16, 2021 11:57 pm

Kristy & Anna Berington finished the 2021 Iditarod in 22nd & 24th place. 

March 16, 2021 10:17 pm

Chad Stoddard earned the distinction of Rookie of the Year after finishing 23rd in the 2021 Iditarod Sled Dog Race. 

March 16, 2021 9:59 pm

Martin is a fast bootier and forgot to reset his clock on The Doratidi Expedition.

March 16, 2021 6:44 pm