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Location: 64.7386, -155.5011

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Population 187 -- The first checkpoint on the famous Yukon River, the longest river in Alaska, stretching 1,875 miles from its headwaters in the Yukon Territory of Canada to the Bering Sea. Gold was discovered her in 1907, but no town was established until until 1911 when additional gold deposits were discovered on Long Creek, causing a rush of prospectors to the area. This is the home of 1975 Iditarod Champion, Emmitt Peters. Ruby wa home for many of the mushers who carried mail for the Northern Commercial Company from Tanana to Ruby. The trip took four days and paid $5.00 a day. Dog team mail ended here in 1931. The checkpoint is in the community hall. The winning musher will receive a gourmet dinner prepared by Top Chefs from Locally Grown Restaurants, which owns the popular Anchorage eateries Spenard Roadhouse, Snow City Cafe, Crush Wine Bistro and South Restaurant and Coffeehouse.

Musher Bib In Out Rest In Chkpt Time Enroute Layover
Time Dogs Time Dogs Time Out Speed
8hr 24hr
Judy Merritt 10 3/6 11:36:00 12
Melinda Miles 16 3/6 11:50:00 12
Doug Swingley 30 3/6 12:10:00 12
Burt Bomhoff 44 3/6 12:39:00 12
Carmen Perzechino 54 3/6 13:03:00 12
Jesse Beebe 72 3/6 13:42:00 12
Tollef Monson 76 3/6 13:50:00 12
Todd Denick 80 3/6 14:14:00 12