November 15, 2018

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2019 Iditarod » Mushers » Kristin Bacon

Kristin Bacon

Hometown: Big Lake, Alaska


Kristin Bacon, 45, was born in Youngstown, Ohio, and resided in various parts of OH until 1997 when she graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Physical Therapy. In 1999, Kristin decided to move to Alaska for an opportunity to work at Providence Children’s Hospital, as well as a chance to experience a taste of Alaska. Her initial two-year commitment to Alaska has blossomed into an adventurous, passion-filled life she could never have imagined. Kristin was first introduced to a sled dog team the winter of 1999, and then began volunteering at Skwentna Checkpoint for Iditarod in 2005. In 2011, she decided to start her own dog team. That team completed their first Iditarod in 2016. This year will be Kristin’s third Iditarod, and she looks forward to her first experience on the Southern Route. Kristin enjoys sharing the joy of mushing with the community during events like Ikidarod, as well as doing adapted mushing activities with her pediatric clients at Bacon’s Acres. Kristin continues to work year-round as a pediatric physical therapist with local families, as well as remote Alaskan school districts. She is on the board of the Aurora Dog Mushers Club, and in her free time enjoys photography, gardening, exploring and learning. Kristin is very grateful to all the people who help make this incredible race possible — thank you!


Mom & Dad
Kent Waite of Gotta Wanna Expeditions
Mike & Carol Fritz
Katherine Joy Photography