November 15, 2018

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2019 Iditarod » Mushers » Mats Pettersson

Mats Pettersson

Hometown: Kiruna, SWEDEN


Mats Pettersson, 48, was born and raised in Kiruna, Sweden. He worked as a paramedic for 15 years and was a professional ice hockey player (goalkeeper), but a bad snowmobile accident made him give that up and he then focused completely on the dogs and since has has worked full time with his sled dog company, Kiruna Sleddog tours. He ran Norway’s Finmarkslópet seven times and this will be his sixth Iditarod. He loves being outside in the nature, fishing, and is also interested in sports. He and his wife, Charlotta, are the parents of Linnea, Clara, Tilda, and Zeb, 7 and Freja, 3. He is a member of Kiruna Kirunasleddogtours.


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