July 16, 2018

1983 Iditarod Race Results

Final Standings

Place Name Time Rookie Hometown Prize Money
1 Rick Mackey 12d 14h 10m 44s Wasilla, AK $24,000.00
2 Eep Anderson 12d 15h 50m 36s Takotna, AK $16,000.00
3 Larry Smith 12d 20h 19m 56s Dawson City, YT $12,000.00
4 Herbie Nayokpuk 12d 22h 4m 28s Shishmaref, AK $8,000.00
5 Rick Swenson 13d 2h 49m 46s Manley, AK $6,000.00
6 Lavon Barve 13d 3h 0m 49s Wasilla, AK $5,000.00
7 Duane Halverson 13d 4h 42m 0s Trapper Creek, AK $4,000.00
8 Sonny Lindner 13d 5h 28m 20s Johnson River, AK $3,600.00
9 Susan Butcher 13d 10h 25m 32s Manley, AK $3,200.00
10 Roger Legaard 13d 11h 33m 45s Yes Norway $2,800.00
11 Joe Runyan 13d 12h 39m 34s Yes Tanana, AK $2,000.00
12 Guy Blankenship 13d 12h 54m 59s Fairbanks, AK $1,900.00
13 Dave Monson 13d 14h 8m 54s Anchorage, AK $1,800.00
14 Sue Firmin 13d 17h 28m 52s Flathorn Lake, AK $1,700.00
15 DeeDee Jonrowe 13d 18h 10m 25s Bethel, AK $1,600.00
16 Howard Albert 13d 22h 11m 39s Ruby, AK $1,500.00
17 Bruce Denton 14d 0h 37m 7s Juneau, AK $1,400.00
18 Dave Olson 14d 3h 35m 29s Knik, AK $1,300.00
19 Emmitt Peters 14d 3h 36m 20s Ruby, AK $1,200.00
20 John Barron 14d 5h 44m 30s Big Lake, AK $1,000.00
21 Neil Eklund 14d 10h 32m 3s Nome, AK $0.00
22 Burt Bomhoff 14d 12h 23m 20s Anchorage, AK $0.00
23 Roxy Woods 14d 15h 56m 16s Yes Rampart, AK $0.00
24 Walter Kaso 15d 5h 0m 53s Talkeetna, AK $0.00
25 Eric Buetow 15d 8h 6m 39s North Pole, AK $0.00
26 Jim Strong 15d 10h 7m 54s Hope, AK $0.00
27 Ken Hamm 15d 10h 15m 15s Yes Bethel, AK $0.00
28 Vern Halter 15d 10h 40m 17s Yes Unalaska, AK $0.00
29 Shannon Poole 15d 13h 10m 56s Yes Trapper Creek, AK $0.00
30 William Hayes 15d 15h 15m 15s Yes Dutch Harbor, AK $0.00
31 Walter Williams 15d 23h 17m 34s Yes Akiak, AK $0.00
32 Christine O'Gar 16d 0h 19m 5s Yes Trapper Creek, AK $0.00
33 Ted English 16d 0h 37m 29s Yes Chugiak, AK $0.00
34 Bud Smyth 16d 9h 34m 0s Fairbanks, AK $0.00
35 Ron Brennan 14d 0h 42m 57s Yes Trapper Creek, AK $0.00
36 Wes McIntyre 17d 10h 49m 39s Yes Ninilchik, AK $0.00
37 Ken Johnson 17d 11h 12m 6s Yes McGrath, AK $0.00
38 Steve Rieger 17d 11h 13m 1s Yes Anchorage, AK $0.00
39 Connie Frerichs 17d 11h 16m 26s Yes Delta Junction, AK $0.00
40 Ray Dronenburg 17d 12h 31m 51s Yes Barrow, AK $0.00
41 Gary Paulsen 17d 12h 38m 38s Yes Solway, MN $0.00
42 Ed Forstner 18d 6h 52m 16s Yes Knik, AK $0.00
43 Mark Nordman 18d 17h 54m 34s Yes Grand Marais, MN $0.00
44 Dick Barnum 18d 23h 59m 59s Yes Fairbanks, AK $0.00
45 David Wolfe 19d 4h 28m 40s Yes Anchorage, AK $0.00
46 Leroy Shank 19d 15h 7m 54s Fairbanks, AK $0.00
47 Robert Gould 20d 0h 42m 29s Yes Clear, AK $0.00
48 Fritz Kirsch 20d 1h 34m 24s Yes Wasilla, AK $0.00
49 Steve Haver 20d 12h 55m 56s Yes Fairbanks, AK $0.00
50 Ron Gould 20d 13h 12m 5s Clear, AK $0.00
51 Pam Flowers 20d 13h 12m 54s Yes Willow, AK $0.00
52 Norm Vaughan 21d 2h 21m 16s Anchorage, AK $0.00
53 Norman MacAlpine 21d 2h 44m 15s Yes Anvik, AK $0.00
54 Scott Cameron 21d 4h 36m 41s Yes Palmer, AK $0.00


Name Time Rookie Hometown Reason
Terry Adkins 0d 0h 0m 0s Sand Coulee, MT Scratched
Les Atherton 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Caswell Lakes, AK Disqualified
Doug Bartko 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Palmer, AK Disqualified
Hal Bartko 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Palmer, AK Disqualified
Bob Bright 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Stephentown, NY Scratched
Clifton Cadzow 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Fort Yukon, AK Scratched
Ken Chase 0d 0h 0m 0s Anvik, AK Scratched
William Cowart 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Anchorage, AK Scratched
Gene Leonard 0d 0h 0m 0s Finger Lake, AK Scratched
Jan Masek 0d 0h 0m 0s Anchorage, AK Disqualified
Beverly Jerue Masek 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Anvik, AK Scratched
Saul Paniptchuk 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Shaktoolik, AK Scratched
Eugene Russell Ivey 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes McGrath, AK Scratched
Alex Sheldon 0d 0h 0m 0s Ambler, AK Scratched


Recipient Award Sponsor
Eep Anderson Halfway GCI
Scott Cameron Red Lantern
Charles Evans & Edgar Nollner Honorary Musher
Roger Legaard Rookie of the Year
Rick Mackey Golden Harness
Rick Mackey Race Champion
Rick Mackey Humanitarian Alaska Airlines
Larry Smith First to the Yukon Millennium Alaskan Hotel
Rick Swenson Sportsmanship Fred Meyer