50th Gala Centerpiece Designers Announced

Mr. Jim Deprez’s 3rd grade class, Columbus, OH


On Thursday, March 3, these classrooms will have their designs on the tables at the 50th Anniversary Gala!  Thank you teachers and students for your volunteerism! You will be amazed by the variety and creativity of the projects. We will post pictures when the centerpieces arrive in Alaska.

Ms.  Davidson, 6th grade, Loves Park, IL

Mr. Deprez, 3rd grade, Columbus, OH

Ms. Gilstad, 3rd grade, Fort Myers, FL

Ms. Hartman, 6th grade, Fishers, IN

Ms. Penfield, 3rd grade, Lemmon, SD

Mrs. Reiter, 3rd grade, Baltimore, MD

Ms. Thompson, 3rd grade, Joppatowne, MND

Ms. Welsch, 5th and 6th grade, Hayward, WI