Dog of the Month- Maple!

Tails from the Trail- Dog of the Month- Maple!

This month Four-Time Iditarod and Yukon Quest Champion Lance Mackey shares about his special dog Maple!  Lance first ran the Iditarod in 2001 and won the Iditarod in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  He is the only musher to have four consecutive Iditarod wins.

Photo Credits: Lance Mackey

“I have a now-retired leader Maple.  She was the 2010 Golden Harness winner in Iditarod, at just 3 yrs old, and ran most of the race in single lead in a variety of weather and trail conditions.  This was the first time the team was without all-star leader and 3 time winner (07-09) and Golden Harness winner her uncle, Larry. 

She was so good at what she did and was proud to show her stuff.  She was a quiet almost shy girl in the yard, but start-up a wheeler, or break out a sled and she came alive!  Maple is smaller in size next to most of her teammates, but in harness she was in charge, confident, loud, eager,  and would jump as high as possible not liking to wait to go. 

She seemed to always question me, being a picky eater she would often look at me at feeding time like “ you try it first” or “ what’s that? I don’t like it”.  At times when training, I would ask her to go or do something or give her a command and she would reply — hesitation and a look of “I don’t want to go that way “ or  “really dad?” and maybe even totally ignore me. But in racing, she was almost perfect in every way. 

Unfortunately at the young age of 6, she decided racing wasn’t fun anymore.  We hung up her harness and she now lives out her life on the couch.  She has had several litters of pups and today many are on other teams and many are still in our kennel.”

Photo Credits: Lance Mackey

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