Dogs, Iditarod, and Haiku

Paws Along the Trail with Poetry

I was so excited to receive an email from my class highlighting some of their poetry written while I’ve been away.  The poetry form of Haiku is based on syllables per line.  Reading some of my students’ Haiku poetry, there are activities you can do.

  1.  Determine the pattern with syllables of Haiku poetry
  2. Create your own Haiku poems based on aspects of the Iditarod
  3. Incorporate some vivid vocabulary
  4. Illustrate your poem

Here are some dog photos along with my students’ work to help you in your writing!

Is it time to leave?

The dogs are the best.
They’re in the Iditarod
And they are so trained.

Mushers are so cool.
Check your dogs at all times, please.
Mushers’ dogs are fun.

Jeff King’s team running to the checkpoint

The dogs run a race.
The Iditarod is long.
Ms. Sloan can do it!

Dog teams are awesome.
Let’s go, Iditarod teams!
Good luck, Mrs. Sloan!

Iditarod race
Driving dog sleds in the snow
First team to Nome wins.

Run for the musher
Going across Alaska
Checkpoint to checkpoint.