Help Getting to the Iditarod

Paws Along the Trail with Family and Friends

Next week at the annual Mushers’ Banquet, all the mushers will go up on stage.  Many will pause and thank people who have helped them accomplish their dream of racing in the Iditarod:  sponsors, family, friends, their dogs.  It is a touching moment, hearing about all those standing behind and supporting the mushers.  

Help before the race is crucial for the mushers.  Friends and family help collect supplies, pack drop bags for all the checkpoints, and lend support with chores while the mushers are on their long training runs. 

However, while on the race, Rule 31 states:  

“No planned help is allowed throughout the Race.  All care and feeding of dogs will be done only by that teams’ musher.  All dog maintenance and care of dog teams and gear in checkpoints will be done in the designated localized holding area.”  

Getting the Teacher on the Trail™ to the Iditarod is also no small feat.  My family and friends have been wonderfully supportive for this journey.  The school where I teach surprised me with a “sled ride” as I was pulled through the hallways to be cheered on by all the grade levels.  Even my own students, who were slated to pull my “sled,” kept mum about the fun!  

My “dogs” and sled supported me through a school parade!

I have a small inkling of how much help the mushers must receive from family and friends, having received so much support from mine for this journey to the Iditarod!

One more big shout-out to all the classrooms of teachers and students following the Iditarod this year!   You are keeping learning exciting!