Here’s to a Beautiful Start to the School Year!

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places. When asked about my trips to Alaska, I describe it as something you could never imagine. Like out of a storybook, picturesque.  

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but also watching the mushers, volunteers, pilots, teachers, veterinarians, and everyone involved in the Iditarod working together. It’s like a smooth-running classroom, everyone working together to create a fantastic learning environment; in this case, an amazing race.

As we are beginning the school year, think about the beauty in your class. What will it look like? Teaching mindfulness strategies are a great way to create a beautiful environment. One approach that I find useful with my students is by incorporating yoga breaks into my day. It could be a few quick poses in the hall while waiting for a class to start, a quick breathing activity while transitioning, or even a full story acted out in yoga poses during a class meeting. 

Follow this link for a Sample yoga lesson.

Yoga Poses