STEM and a Robotic Paw

Paws Along the Trail with STEM

Our school has an initiative to incorporate more STEM projects, creating student thinkers and problem solvers.  My latest STEM project combined sled dogs and robotics!  Students were given the task to design a robotic dog paw.

To introduce the idea, students were directed step by step to create a robotic hand.  This was taught and there was no inventiveness, just following directions.  

Movable fingers!

Once the students had each created a robotic hand, they were given their STEM design brief:  in groups, research sled dog paws and create a robotic paw that moves.  Because of the background learned while completing the robotic hand, they were confident and enthusiastic to research the anatomy of a dog paw.  Collaboration and creativity was flowing throughout the activity.  

Student designs varied, but when the projects were complete, students wrote thoughts on their challenges throughout the process, what worked well, and ideas on how they can improve their designs.  It was a great STEM activity!

Robotic Hand vs. Dog Paw Lesson Plan

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