Paws Along the Trail with Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here.  We often ask our students to reflect on being thankful.  Here’s what three of our 2018 Iditarod mushers said in regard to thankfulness!

Musher Jason Campeau


“I am thankful for being able to share my childhood dream with other kids.”  -Jason Campeau







Rookie musher, Tara Cicatello

“I’m grateful for furry kisses, puppy squishes, and loving cuddles.” – Tara Cicatello


Musher Jeff Deeter

“Although dog mushing is all about dogs, we do need tools to maintain our trail systems and make sure we can get out safely to enjoy our time with our dogs. This time of year I am very thankful for my chainsaw. It gets a lot of use and is one of my most trusty tools.” – Jeff Deeter


As an activity for teaching the reading comprehension strategy of inferencing, you could show these photos to your students. Let them infer why, and for what, the mushers are feeling thankful.