We Did Our Homework

Teacher on the Trail Heidi Sloan posted a suggestion to compare our school in Togiak, AK to Nikolai, so we did.  After reading her description, we created a Venn diagram and along with some walking music and a pair/share structure, we listened to and told each other what we found out.

Now, you may think that it is a moot point to compare one Alaskan bush village to another, but here is what we found out.

How we are the same:  we have moose, ride on snow machines, have a library, ride on sleds, have Internet, and play on the playground.

Differences: we don’t have a teacher living in the school, our school goes higher (to 12th grade), we have cell phone service, and we have more than 2 teachers and 12 students.

We love Togiak, but Nikolai sounds like a really great place, too!