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Kaci Murringer

Hometown: Willow, Alaska


Kaci Murringer, 29, was born in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At seven years old she entered her first sled dog race and finished in first place. The love of being on the trail with her team was all it took to get her hooked and two years later she started her kennel. SBC Kennel represents and honors her original three dogs, Sheba (yellow lab), and her two huskies, Cona and Blazz. After graduating from college with a business degree Kaci decided to do one summer in Alaska working with sled dogs in 2015. One summer turned into two but this time Kaci made the move permanent. She returned to Alaska with her black lab Monty to live full time and begin training for the Iditarod. Through working with Gold Rush Dog Tours Kaci met Iditarod musher Matthew Failor and joined his team in 2019. Her current race experience includes a Copper Basin 300, Kobuk 440, and Goose Bay 150 finish. This year Kaci will be making her rookie run to Nome, celebrating her 30th birthday along the way!