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2020 Iditarod » Mushers » Damon Ramaker

Damon Ramaker

Hometown: Fountain, MN


Damon Ramaker is the owner of the Deep Root Kennel hailing from the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota where a team of dogs running down the road is met with looks of bewilderment and curiosity. He lives near Wykoff with his wife, 3 children and many dogs in a yurt they built in 2016 near Wykoff. For the past 7 years, Damon has worked as an emergency department nurse at St Mary’s Hospital-Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Prior to that, he worked at Fairview Medical Center in Minneapolis. Damon and his family founded a Deep Root CAUSE in 2018, which focuses on helping others discover their strengths and potential through inspiration, education, empowerment and experiences.

While dogs have always been part of Damon’s life, his interest in dog powered sports started in skijoring with his rescue and hunting dogs in 2007.Damon spent the last 5 years learning and working with lditarod veteran Cindy Gallea from whom he caught the mushing bug. On their first encounter, she warned him that once you step on the runners of a sled, there is no turning back. She advised him to consult his wife before doing so, to which she offered her full support, most days. He greatly looks forward to the challenges and triumphs to come as he travels across the amazing state of Alaska with a team of his buddies.


St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Room Staff
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