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Monica Zappa

Hometown: Kasilof, Alaska


Monica Zappa, 36 was born and raised in Wisconsin, where she lived until she went to graduate school in Oklahoma. After finishing grad school in 2010, Monica moved to Alaska to try mushing and fishing. Monica has participated in the Iditarod 2014-2018. Last year she was involved with an independent trip with dogs, snow machines and her partner Tim. She is excited to join Blue Steel and the team once again for the journey to Nome. She has been involved in selling real estate, commercial fishing, salmon activism and just absorbing the daily lessons.

Monica thanks so many close friends of the kennel that have continued to make the Iditarod possible for her team.


Greatland Ganja - Kasilof, AK
The Last Checkpoint- Retired Sled Dog Kennels
Mariah Thomas-Wolf Quantum Field x39 Team