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Amanda Otto

Hometown: Victor, ID


Otto predominately grew up in Idaho and was first introduced to the world of dog mushing at age 8 at the Ashton Dog Derby in Ashton, ID.

She came to Alaska in 2016 to run dogs after suffering a career-ending injury (soccer) during her senior year of college. She began handling for Jeff King at Husky Homestead in 2020 and made her racing debut in 2021, completing all her qualifiers in a single season. She ran the Iditarod in 2022 and placed second at the Yukon Quest 550 (2023) where she also received the Vet’s Choice Award for her dog care.

Dogs have and will always be woven into the fabric of Otto’s life and she would like to thank Jeff King, Husky Homestead and sponsors near and far for the opportunity to be on the trail again.