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Lara Kittelson

Bib Number: 36
Hometown: Battle Ground, WA


I was born and raised in the PNW and spent most of my adolescent years exploring my hometown mountains around Battle Ground, WA. Hiking and swimming were integral parts of growing up and that all contributed to a desire to find a big adventure. My dad’s stories of Alaska were embedded in my mind since a young age, so right after graduating high school I boarded a plane destined for the Last Frontier. My first experience with sled dogs was at Mitch Seavey’s kennel as the yearling trainer. The crazy, goofy yearlings and I learned right alongside as they grew up. Fast forward a few years, a few qualifying races, and the opportunity to run the Iditarod has arrived. It is a dream come true to explore the Iditarod trail with pups I’ve known since they were little tater tots. Writing my novel and wood burning are my indoor hobbies when not out mushing with the dogs. Mush on!


Dirty Skillet Restaurant, Hope
Alpine Medical, Eagle River