A Great Ending!

Dear Friends,

The race is done for this year!  What an exciting time it was for everyone!  Many of the mushers and us dogs are already thinking about next year…”What can we do better?”  “Will the weather be better or worse?”

Two things happen at the end of the race.  The Widow’s Lamp that has been hanging on the finish line’s burled arch is extinguished when all the mushers are in.  Then, the final musher to arrive, this year Apayauq Reitan, carries in the Red Lantern.  The Red Lantern signifies perseverance.

The Teacher on the Trail™, Jim Deprez, had the privilege to hand the Red Lantern to the final musher, Apayauq to carry to the finish line.

THE Red Lantern. Photo credit: Wes Erb

Final Musher Apayauq Reitan Receives the Red Lantern Award (Photo by Insider)

You have made it as faithful followers of the race!  We dogs will go home and keep taking runs, as it’s our favorite thing to do.  Thanks for coming along and reading with me this year about the Iditarod.

Until next time,