A Letter from Roxy: An Invitation from Zuma: Get Reading

Hello Boys and Girls,

Meet my friend, Roxy!

Then, I’ve got a great idea for you so be sure to read my letter that follows Roxy’s letter.

Lots of Tail Wags,


Dear Zuma,

Is that really you?

My friend Willow found your picture on the internet and showed it to me. “Roxy,” she said, “Look at this website called Zuma’s Paw Prints! Wasn’t Zuma your favorite litter-mate?” Wow! I always wondered what happened to you after my family took me home that day. I’ll never forget that day. I’ll never forget you! You don’t know that I am called Roxy now. That was what Willow named me. As you’ve probably guessed, Willow is the girl who begged her dad to take me home with them.  We have become best friends, like you and I were when we were puppies. Remember we guessed that the lady in the red jacket was about to have a baby?  Well, we were right, she did. They named the baby Zanna.  At first, we didn’t get along so well, but now we do. That’s part of a long story, and someone actually wrote a book about it! About me, Zuma! And about Willow. The book is Diamond Willow. The author is Helen Frost. You can find it in the children’s or Young Adult section of most libraries and bookstores.  I noticed that Helen Frost is your Facebook friend, so you may know her better than I do.  I only know about her from her website: http://www.helenfrost.net/index.php She has written other books too. Willow has read them all, but Diamond Willow is the only one she read out loud to me.

Willow and I are not on Facebook. We’re not in the Iditarod either. But we love to explore the trails around our house together, and we both love to go fast. That sometimes causes a few problems, as you’ll find out when you read the book. (After you read it, write back and tell me how you like it.)

Maybe we’ll see each other out on a trail someday. That would be so great! I could introduce you to Willow. You would love each other.
Your friend and sister,


Hello Roxy,

It is great to hear from you! I just finished the book. It was AWESOME! It made me laugh and it made me cry, too! The book made me think about what it takes to have courage and how important it is to stand up for what you believe is the right thing to do.  I enjoyed the book so much, I’m going to read it again.

I’ve got a challenge for the boys and girls who read Zuma’s Paw Prints.

Boys and Girls, put this book on your list to read. Then, leave comments about the book. I’d enjoy talking to you about your favorite part of the book and your idea on what message the author, Helen Frost, has for readers.  Leave you comments and if we are lucky, Roxy or maybe even the author, Helen Frost, might stop by to respond to your thoughts.

Have a great summer, Boys and Girls…

Read, read, read lots of books!

Lots of Tail Wags,