A Rescue and Turning Around

Dear Friends,

What a day it was on the Iditarod Trail!  Storms and overflow on rivers and bodies of water really have slowed down our mushers.  Three mushers got in trouble with high winds and deep overflow of water near the Safety checkpoint and had to call for help:  Sean Underwood, Tom Knolmayer, and Matthew Failor.  A helicopter flew in to get them out!  Their dogs are all fine.  These three had had to wait a LONG time in White Mountain before finally heading out, only to get stuck.  We are so happy they are safe!

Meanwhile, the checkpoint of Elim has an extra 116 sled dogs…again!  Eleven teams left Elim this morning, rerouted onto land because of too much open water, but then had to turn around and go back to Elim.  The Iditarod Trail Committee says they are reworking the section of the trail where the three teams were picked up so the remaining teams can leave Elim and mush toward Nome tomorrow.  Some of those teams have been hanging together since Wednesday.  Others got in Thursday.  Are you following any of them?

Can you find your musher’s signature?

Riley Dyche

Martin Buser

Deke Naaktgeboren

Monica Zappa

Laura Neese

Magnus Kaltenborn

Grayson Bruton

Fabio Berlusconi

Damon Ramaker

Kaci Murringer

Dennis Kananowicz

Wow!  These mushers will have some stories to tell once they get to the finish line!  

Until next time, this is your canine reporter,