Hello friends,

Fabio Berlusconi with Vets

Today, while watching the live feed from Cripple, I was able to see two of our expert volunteer veterinarians check over a dog team. Our vets work around the clock to maintain the world class care my canine friends deserve. Vets are available at each checkpoint either to do a quick check or a full body check on each dog. The acronym HAW&L is a great guide to what the vets are looking for.

H = Heart & Hydration    A = Appetite & Attitude    W = Weight    L = Lungs & Legs

Sometimes along the trail, a musher may notice that one of the dogs needs a little rest. They are allowed to put the dog in their sled to give them a break. Rule #46 states that mushers can only carry dogs in the front of the racing sled’s handlebars. This is to prevent mushers from dragging a tail sled with a kennel specifically as a strategy to rest dogs along the trail. So, Aiden from Mr. Boeckholt’s class, after a little rest the dog can join his/her teammates and continue down the trail. If the dog needs more than a little rest, it will sadly be dropped at the next checkpoint. Thanks for the question Aiden. 

Do you have a question? E-mail me at askzumadog@gmail.com. This race is SO CLOSE! Awoooooo! Keep watching – it’s going to be exciting!

Tail wags,