Howl do you Iditarod?

                                                                                           Hello friends,

Students in Wisconsin check daily race updates next to their GIANT Iditarod wall map.

I know that lots of pups from all over Alaska and the lower 48 are following the Iditarod at home and school. There several ways to follow the mushers. Right on the Iditarod Home Page you can check the top 5 mushers. If you want a full list, go to the Race Center – Race Standings. That form will give LOTS of information including the checkpoint mushers came in and out of, how much time they spent in the checkpoint (you have to use your math-mutt-tician skills for that), and how many dogs came and went. There are also several free videos to watch that highlight your dogs and mushers.

If you are an Insider, you can track your favorite team with GPS. The GPS will tell you where the teams are on the trail, whether they are running or resting, how fast they are going, as well as race analytics. BowWow! A pup could spend a lot of time on that site! There is also a Live Feed from many checkpoints so you can watch your team come in. 

Checking the GPS tracker.

Another great way to follow the race is through Annie Kelley, 2017 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail. Read her journal on the Iditarod Edu page. She’s doing a great job informing us and sharing pictures from the trail.

Finally, read posts from my K-9 reporting team. Gypsy gives daily race updates, Sanka shares lots of pictures, Ed posts ideas for teachers, and Libby is for those pups new to the litter. Woowoowoowooo! Howl do you Iditarod?

Tail wags,