Junior Iditarod

2018 Junior Iditarod Mushers

Hello friends,

Each year, the week-end before the Iditarod, there is a race called the Junior Iditarod. It’s lots of fun to watch. It’s all about girl power this year as 7 young ladies and 4 young men hit the trail. These 14 to 17 year olds will travel 150 miles through the Alaska Wilderness with up to 10 of my canine friends. Check out their website here: http://jriditarod.com/

Some of our current Iditarod mushers were once racers of the Junior Iditarod including Wade Marrs, Ray Redington, Jr., Ryan Redington, and Ramey Smyth to name a few. Woowoowoooooo! The countdown is on and the Junior Iditarod is the start of a hectic week of dogs, dogs, dogs! I’ll try to keep you posted as quickly as these paws can write.

Tail wags,