Lots of Teachers!

Hello friends,

I was working at Iditarod Headquarters yesterday when a bus pulled up and spit out 48 teachers. BowWow. Were they ever excited. They came to see mushers and my K9 friends who are going through their Vet Checks. (More about that tomorrow.) The teachers are here for the annual Iditarod Teaching and Learning Conference in Anchorage. They gather here to talk about lessons and ideas to take into your school. With them was Heidi Sloan, the 2018 Teacher on the Trail. She’ll be going out on the trail with the Iditarod Air Force to see how my friends are doing. Please follow her experience here: http://iditarod.com/edu/category/teacher-on-the-trail/

Woowoowooooo! Go Heidi! I know I’ll be following her adventure.

1999 Teacher on the Trail™, Andrea “Finney” Aufder Heyde Cuddles a future Kennel Star

Another VIH (very important human) at this year’s conference is Andrea Aufder Heyde, AK9A known as Finney. In 1999 Finney was the very first Teacher on the Trail. Teachers from all over are helping her celebrate 20 years of teachers traveling the trail. This program happened because of her vision. Thanks Finney!

Tail Wags,


One of the teachers etched me. Thanks teachers!