National Sled Dog Day

Dear Boys and Girls,


February 2nd was National Sled Dog Day!  It is a day dedicated to us sled dogs, reminding people of how sled dogs helped people with transportation, especially in the northern parts of the world.  

1. Sled dogs helped haul mail and supplies to the gold miners during  Alaskan Gold Rush winters.  

2.  Explorers of the arctic used sled dogs to navigate the harsh travel.  

3.  Some of you may have seen the new Togo movie where sled dogs like Togo and Balto helped brought healing serum to sick children during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska.  

4.  Nowadays, sled dogs are used by mushers for trips into the wilderness for outings and because we are such sweet, fun dogs!  

What breed are sled dogs?  Most of us are Alaskan Husky, which is really a mixed breed.  The sled dogs of today are mixes of husky, hound, and sometimes contain a little border collie or Irish setter.  That makes us excited to run and pull!  


When the Iditarod race begins, look at photos of the sled dogs.  Which look more like huskies with pointed ears and which look like hounds with floppy ears?

Until next time, this has been your husky-looking reporter,